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STPro Stocktake, Price Check & Sales Queuing

Some times the simple things are often the best. We took a need and produced a basic product that is not only simple and easy to use; but also cost effective and flexible in design that will not break the bank. STPro: designed for the Cino F790WD WiFi Scanner, making stocktaking, sales queuing, order entry, and product lookup simple, easy, and flexible.

  • Point of Sale Barcode scanning with real time in barcode validation
  • Sales Queuing, Product Bundling, or Stock kitting
  • Pre-scan Order Entry or Order Picking for receiving and dispatch
  • Real Time product lookup with customizable data screens
  • Full Time-stamped Multi-scanner Stocktaking
  • Direct recall of batched data into application screen
  • Stocktake data customizable export template to adapt to any data format
  • Seamless integration to POS screen with automatic recalling of batched data
  • WiFi Roaming allowing usage across the complete local wireless network without risk of data loss
  • Ability to connect to remote host from any IP based internet connected network
  • Batch mode ability when WiFi connectivity is impossible
  • Ability to link to Cloud based Stock databases or stock databases hosted on remote servers or head offices.
  • No lock in contracts, No annual Fees – Once off Purchase for Scanner Connection License
  • Single license allows multiple installations of the STPro and use of the Recall Facilities across you complete network

STPro can be classified as “middle-ware”. It is a drop-in solution that can give you mobile functionality to your Point of Sale Solution or Inventory Management System without costly software applications, modifications or intensive integration. There is no requirement for expensive mobile computing hardware and application licensing. It is flexible enough to integrate into your changing infrastructure where it may be an application upgrade or complete overhaul. There is no re-licensing, no new hardware requirements, just an easy configuration adjustment and it is business as usual. STPro will allow you to perform live timestamped stock-takes against your own stock database no matter what format your data is stored in. STPro has the ability to mold and configure to your needs without costly modifications to current systems or infrastructure. You can use all its features or as little or as much as you wish. You can expand with multiple users across multiple sites. You have full control of the data you collect and can interface with the collected and stored data in a multitude of ways.


STPro links your database data to a simple user-friendly hand held solution with most popular data storage formats supported. STPro is completely configurable; giving you the ability to link any data you wish to use within the end user functions of STPro. All your collected data is stored centrally allowing information to be viewed and modified across your scanner fleet. Recall, manipulate, extrapolate and edit data collected by other users, verify sock against your stock database live, collect, collate and recall data into any screen of your current Inventory or Stock System or even compile and export it for separate processing or storage.

Is STPro right for you?

If you would like find out if STPro will fit your solution please contact us for an in depth discussion about your needs and your current or planned infrastructure. We can remotely install, configure, and give advice and support of everythign STPro. When it comes to going live and testing the solution in your warehouse we can arrange in house trials for you where possible. For clients available to visit the Melbourne Area (Victoria, Australia) we can arrange a complex demonstration of the capabilities of the STPro software and the Cino F790WD scanners at our office.

Typical basic Single scanner installations start from RRP $995 AUD (ex GST / Taxes)

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