The STPro Advantage

STPro & Cino F790WD Stock Management & Data Collection Solution

Key features


The STPro Solutions is completely scalable from a single system scanner & host to a multi-scanner / multi-host. Ability to roam over multiple access points and support multiple WiFi configurations for ease of infrastructure change.

As your requirement grow, simply add extra scanners instantly and go from a single user to multi user in minutes.

Adaptable to Change:

STPro allows you to change it’s configuration as you change your back-end infrastructure without hardware costs, re-licensing fees, or major operational changes. Even with a complete inventory management back-end change the STPro application can easily be reconfigured to adapt you your business changes. You are not locked into one solution – you have a kit that will move and adapt as you business grows and changes.

Almost Limitless:

STPro & the Cino F790WD solution being IP based allows connectivity to anywhere where your network will allow. This can be over a VPN, multi-node/access-point WiFi infrastructure network, 3/4/5G Connected network, Cloud based host stock systems, and more. Your scanner can access your stock information from anywhere where an IP connection can be sought with access to your host system no matter where it is located.

For example; You may have a multi-location VPN network structure. Your stock data is located across the divide and you need to verify, stock-take, or pre-scan orders out on site at your supplier or clients. Through Virtual Server configurations on your network gateway the Cino F790WD scanner can “Hot-Spot” to your local Wifi infrastructure or even to your 3/4/5G Smartphone / Tablet device and get live data direct to your hand. Count, Verify, and view Live stock data in real time. Collect and collate data on the fly with everything stored back in your host system ready for processing.

Seamless Configuration:

STPro seamlessly integrate into your current POS / Stock Management infrastructure with minimal if not no external user interaction needed. STPro can use your current barcode scanning solutions lookup and recall pre-scanned data and enter it directly into your user interface autonomously or you can give full control to the user on how the data is to be used.

Customise data recall strings to emulate your standard data entry procedures; STPro conforms to YOUR software so there is no need to modify or upgrade your current way of doing things.

Use a little – Use the lot:

You may only require one function of STPro for your stock management needs, yet all the functions are available when you need them, when you are ready to implement them. STPro can fill gaps in your stock management system that may not be supported within itself. You can add extra functionality where there is currently none.

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