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Honeywell 1450g 2D Scanner - Airline

Firmware compliant with CUPPS / CUTE Certified for Airline ...

M842 QBOX Mini Box PC

Mini Box PC - EOL Configuration Limited Stock

MSR - 2 Track with USB HID

Track 1&2 MSR - Programmable with USB Interface

PrehKeyTec 2x1 Key

2x1 Blank Key with Clear Cover - Re-Legible

PrehKeyTec 2x2 Key

2x2 Blank Key with Clear Cover - Re-Legible

PrehKeyTec Blank Dead Key BLK

Single Blank "Dead" key - Flat - Black

PrehKeyTec HospiTouch Keyboard

HospiTouch Medical/Clinical Glass-Top Keyboard

PrehKeyTec MCI-111-A Airline OCR Keyboard

Professional OCR reader keyboard for Airlines/Check-In

PrehKeyTec MCI-128 Keyboard

Offset Alpha or Matrix Column/Row Fully Programmable ...

PrehKeyTec MCI-60 POS Keyboard

MCI-60 - 5x12 Compact Matrix POS Keyboard

PrehKeyTec ML2 - MAG/OCR Reader

3-Track Magnetic Stripe Reader and OCR-Reader

PrehKeyTec ML4 Multi-function Reader

ML-4 contact/contactless (RFID/NFC) and biometric data ...

PrehKeyTec MSI-60 POS Keyboard

MSI-60 - 6 x 10 Matrix Compact POS Keyboard