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Cino F790WD WiFi Intelligent Barcode Scanner

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Thanks to the convergence of the cutting-edge FuzzyScan 3.0 Imaging Technology and IEEE 802.11 wireless technology, the versatile Cino Wi-Fi barcode scanner not only supports real-time data transmission and data access through Wi-Fi connectivity, but also can perform batch data collection. It provides an excellent cost-performance solution to replace the high-end cordless scanners, batch data collectors, RF terminals and mobile computers.

  • Enterprise 802.11 WLAN connectivity with WEP, WPA and WPA2 support
  • Support ONLINE, BATCH and unique STERM operation modes
  • STERM mode allows complete bi-directional interaction between scanner and host for real-time data access applications
  • Both ONLINE and BATCH modes support user-defined form with multi-field feature
  • Online mode supports host acknowledgement to guarantee data integrity
  • Batch mode is ideal for various data collection applications
  • Ultimate WaveCentre software for robust application development
  • Built-in vibrator is ideal for noisy and quiet working environment
  • Built-in 2” QVGA color LCD display, two function keys and a five-way navigation key
  • Long range linear imager model and high performance laser imager model are available for choice

Bright LED Aiming for Quick and Precise Barcode Capture

Bright and focused aiming line allows users to capture long distance barcode and read barcode in low ambient light environment.

Fast Roaming increases productivity

The Wi-Fi scanner supports fast roaming among access points with same SSID and security in enterprise Wi-Fi infrastructure environment. When the signal strength of connected access point drops to certain low threshold, the scanner performs fast site survey, then switches the connection to another most suitable access point.

Reliable and Secure Data Transmission

Online scanning, the scanned barcode is decoded and transmitted from the point of capture to the remote host through Wi-Fi connectivity immediately. It provides an ideal solution for enterprise mobile scanning and simple data check applications.