Customer Success: Growing the Point-of-Sale Experience for Plant Nurseries 

The Case

DCS (Aust.) recently engaged with a chain of plant nurseries in Victoria’s south-eastern suburbs facing challenges with their existing barcode solution. Their current barcode scanners struggled to read barcodes on the nursery’s varying sale items such as pots, seed packets, hardware, etc. This resulted in staff manually entering product codes into their POS software, leading to inaccuracies and extended checkout times.

The Cause

Following a site assessment, we found several causes for their scanning issues including poor barcode print quality from suppliers, excessive rubbing, smudging, UV and moisture exposure.

The Solution

After conducting a side-by-side comparison of the Cino A670BT’s scanning performance against their existing scanner, it was determined that a rollout of the Cino cordless 2D barcode scanners would immediately enhance their point-of-sale operations. The Cino A670BT, with its high-resolution imager and equipped with Cino’s advanced FuzzyScan technology, proved to be the ideal solution for swiftly and effectively scanning these problematic barcodes that had posed challenges for other scanning devices.

The Result

By integrating the Cino A670BT Bluetooth scanners, the nursery experienced several key benefits:

  1. Improved Readability: The FuzzyScan technology ensures accurate reading of damaged, low-quality, or smudged barcodes, reducing the need for manual data entry and associated errors.
  1. Enhanced Mobility: The cordless design of the Cino A670BT provides staff with increased flexibility and manoeuvrability, allowing them to scan items effortlessly across different areas of the nursery.
  1. Increased Speed and Efficiency: The fast and reliable scanning capabilities of the Cino scanner significantly speed up the checkout process, enhancing overall customer experience and satisfaction.
  1. Robust Performance: Designed to withstand challenging environments, the Cino A670BT stood up to the challenge of degraded nursery/plant labels with an (almost) perfect uptake.

The End

We are proud to have identified an easy-to-implement, reliable and low-cost solution for this nursery chain and wish them continued success.

If you need help with point-of-sale hardware, the friendly staff at DCS (Aust.) are always happy to answer any questions you have!

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