Advantage cash drawers provide excellent value for money in retail POS environments. With a three position key lock, nylon-encased ball rollers and a tough steel exterior expect to see years of trouble free service.

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14-years and still going strong! PDF Print E-mail
Spotted recently. [April 2009] 
An old Honeywell barcode scanner at a POS location. A visit inside the store and a serial number check and we determined the scanner had a manufacture date of May 1995, with an install of around June/July 1995. And still working 6-days per week at the store's ONLY checkout location. All products are scanned so the hand scanner is in constant use.
Back in the office and a check with service records - that scanner hasn't been seen since the day we shipped it. NO REPAIRS. Not even a cable change.
I think that scanner has well and truly paid for itself! 
New Space Saving POS printer PDF Print E-mail
Need to save on-counter space in your POS environment? Look to the new Epson TM-T70 high speed thermal printer. Front receipt exit in addition to front paper loading allows this product to be used easily under the counter. Besides the extra space gain the T70 reduces  counter-top clutter by eliminate up to three unsightly cables. The T70 is a drop-in for applications normally using the industry-standard TM-T88IV.
Repeat business PDF Print E-mail

We recently took an order from an established customer for some Honeywell IT3820 Cordless Scanners. Only 5 units this time, but the latest order in a series. 

This particular user had 5 to 7 years prior purchased a quantity of Honeywell IT3875 cordless scanners and had started on a process of refreshing their internal equipment. The scanners were used in a tough warehouse environment in different sites across Australia.



Voyager 1200g Laser Scanner
Voyager 1200g Laser Scanner

TM-H6000 Hybrid Printer
TM-H6000 Hybrid Printer

Dolphin 6100 Mobile Computer
Dolphin 6100 Mobile Computer